PVC Flat Electric Cables

On 8 May 2019 the then Minister for Industry, Science and Technology (the Minister) imposed anti-dumping measures on exports of PVC Flat Electrical Cables (PVC Cables) exported to Australia from China.

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Australian Cable Association Member Enhances Workplace Safety

Most industrial environments, and particularly those that require heavy objects to be moved from one process to another, make use of forklift trucks for these movements.  Whenever people and forklifts mix in the workplace there is a need to ensure pedestrians are aware of the presence of these vehicles to prevent accidental collisions and injuries.

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ACI Cable Surveillance Programme

As we near the end of the first full year of operation for the re-launched Australian Cable Initiative (ACI) it is a good time to review some of the work undertaken. A key aspect of the ACI Constitution and Charter is to operate a surveillance programme that takes...

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