Members of the ACA focus upon the sustainability of the industry including all aspects relating to Health, Safety and the Environment.

In this regard member companies have in place, or are establishing, systems to manage their responsibilities with regard to Occupational Health and Safety and to the Environment.

Through the implementation of these Management Systems it is possible to afford a high level of worker safety, not only within the manufacturing plants, but throughout the supply chain. Compliance with the various industrial mandates is considered an absolute minimum requirement with many organisations exceeding the minimum requirements.

As manufacturers there is a strong and enduring emphasis on ensuring there is no environmental pollution associated with the Australian manufacture of cables and to this end waste is closely controlled. Waste is segregated to minimise landfill. Specialist recyclers are utilised who will separate the valuable metallic elements in a cable from the less valuable plastics and ensure these materials are recycled correctly.

Many member companies offer drum recycling to reduce environmental pollution.