ACI – Australian Cable Initiative

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The Australian Cable Initiative was established to address the use of unsafe, non-compliant, and counterfeit cable in the Australian marketplace.

With industry and regulator support, the ACI is taking a proactive approach to monitor and test cable to ensure that electrical cables available in the Australian market are fully compliant with relevant Australian standards and are safe to use.

Any cable failing to comply with Australian Standards is reported to the relevant State or Federal Authorities who have the power to act against these products in the interest of community safety.

ACI surveillance and testing activities to date have identified a number of non-compliant cable products, prompting significant, widespread recalls including Infinity and Olsent branded cable (ACCC – cable recall)  and E Cables (E Cables mandatory recall notice).

Electricity safety regulation with respect to cable is currently being tightened to ensure these non-compliant products do not continue to find their way onto the Australian market.  Only cables that are tested and certified as compliant to the relevant Standards are allowed to be sold.  However, at this time, the necessary surveillance regimes have not yet been implemented leaving room for unscrupulous suppliers to sell non-compliant and potentially dangerous cables to unsuspecting purchasers.

In the meantime, we need your help to identify sub-standard cable in the market. You can report suspicious cable via the ACI Report Form.