All members of the Australian Cablemakers Association (ACA) manufacture electrical cables right here in Australia and have the belief that the transformation process from raw materials into finished products for sale should be as efficient as possible.

About mid last year, it was decided to start monitoring some key transformation parameters so that each member company could measure their individual performance compared to the industry.  Members could then use this information to drive improvements.

The parameters selected were:

  • Grid Drawn Electricity Consumption (net of any local PV systems employed)
  • Landfill
  • CO2 Emissions

Since all the ACA members have quite different sized operations, we felt that it would be best to normalise the measured values per tonne of manufactured products so that each member could make an effective comparison of his performance compared with the industry.

The graphs below show how we are doing.  It is fair to say we are not where we want to be at this stage but the first step in any project is to start measuring and that way you can tell if things are improving or not.

This type of data collection takes a long time, but we think its worth it.  We will update these graphs as new data comes to hand.

We believe this type of initiative is how Australian know how can keep pushing forward and enhance local sustainability.

Sandy Mennie
Secretary – Australian Cable Manufacturers Association
28 November 2023