As we near the end of the first full year of operation for the re-launched Australian Cable Initiative (ACI) it is a good time to review some of the work undertaken.

A key aspect of the ACI Constitution and Charter is to operate a surveillance programme that takes electrical cables at random from the marketplace and has them tested for compliance with relevant Australian standards and for safety.

During 2021 we have tested, or are currently testing, a total of 12 cable acquired from QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

Cables have been sourced independently from traditional electrical wholesalers and from on-line ‘e-tailers’. As the programme continues, we will expand to cover as many supply sources and regions as possible.

Cables manufactured by members of the ACI as well as non-members have been included in the programme.

Pleasingly, at this stage, compliance with Australian standards has been very good apart from one example where the printing on the cable is clearly non-compliant and this is the subject of a separate article on this important aspect.

A new programme is being developed for 2022 to look at areas and products not covered during the 2021 programme.

The ACI looks forward to another active year in 2022 and will continue to support the electrical and contracting industry with this important programme.

Sandy Mennie
18 November 2021