The ACA is pleased to announce that all member companies of the ACA have agreed to a new Sustainability Charter.

This Charter may be found on the ACA website at

The Charter encompasses several specific activities to deliver the overall objective of developing a sustainable industry and future for our members, their employees, their customers, and the community as a whole.

A key part of the Charter is the commitment by all members of the ACA to become Carbon Neutral by no later than 2035, some 15 years sooner than the official Australian Government target.

As already mentioned, to achieve these objectives, clearly defined, targeted, projects need to be undertaken.

While there are several projects under consideration, one that has come to the top of the list is the effective recycling of plastic spools.  The single-use of plastic spools for small cables, typically Building Wiring Cables has been a specific area of concern to the ACA for a long time is.  The ACA is now pleased to advise that a project has kicked off to explore ways to capture used spools for effective recycling.  The benefits will be reduced landfill and reduced consumption of plastics materials from which the spools are usually made.  Clearly, this cannot be achieved in isolation, and we will need some cooperation from the Electrical Contracting industry to make the single-use spools available for the recycling process.  We believe this can be done in an efficient way without a significant impact on routine work.

Please keep tuned to this space as more projects are in the planning phase and we would be delighted to share our progress and other ideas as they evolve with the broader community.


Sandy Mennie
31 March 2022