It will bring changes to requirements for the manufacture, sale, supply or import of in-scope electrical equipment.

In-scope electrical equipment is generally designed or marketed for household, personal or similar use and rated between 50 Vac to 1000 Vac or 120 Vdc to 1500 Vdc. Electrical equipment specifically for industrial and commercial use is not in-scope.

The EESS also introduces the concept of a responsible supplier. A responsible supplier is a person, company or business that initially imports or manufactures in-scope electrical equipment in Australia. Responsible suppliers must be registered on the national database at

The responsible supplier must ensure the products they supply are electrically safe and meet all relevant standards. Any new in-scope electrical equipment sold in Queensland can only be sold if it is linked to a registered responsible supplier. Sellers of new in-scope electrical equipment must ensure the electrical equipment is linked to a registered responsible supplier.

Other major changes to requirements include:

Three levels for certain equipment classifications requiring certification and/or registration on the national database:

  • Level 3 – equipment requires a Certificate of Conformity issued by Government Regulators or recognised external certification scheme. Issuing certificates requires accredited test reports that must show the equipment meets relevant safety standards. Level 3 equipment must be registered on the national database and the certificate of conformity for the equipment must be listed on the national database.
  • Level 2 – equipment requires a compliance folder. The folder must contain information proving the electrical safety of that item of equipment. Level 2 equipment must be registered on the national database.
  • Level 1 – requires the responsible supplier to be registered and have evidence that the equipment is electrically safe.

Level 3 and Level 2 equipment are defined in AS/NZS 4417.2:2012. Level 1 equipment is all ‘in-scope’ equipment not classified in level 2 or 3.

  • all in-scope electrical equipment to be marked with its brand or trade name, model number and the regulatory compliance mark (below) as detailed in the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4417.1:2012:
  • equipment safety rules to ensure consistent application and enforcement
  • enhanced education, compliance, surveillance and post market activity.

To assist manufacturers, importers and suppliers during the changeover to the new system, transitional arrangements will be in place. These include time to register as a responsible supplier, time to register level 2 or 3 equipment and time to mark equipment with the regulatory compliance mark.

The EESS will be progressively implemented nationally (except in NSW).

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