Early last month we wrote about the situation in the shipping industry where shippers are facing a critical shortage of shipping containers which is leading to delays in shipments.

Well, there are now other factors that are combining to bring global supply chains to their knees.

We have seen recent flooding disasters in China and Germany which will impact exports from those countries together with a recent cyber-attack which targeted South African ports.

Of course, the new wave of the Delta strain of Covid-19 is clearly causing many issues in many countries as authorities battle to bring the virus under control.

One outcome is that many countries are cutting off land access for sailors which is preventing captains from being able to rotate weary crews and, as the following Reuters article explains, there are about 100,000 seafarers stranded at sea unable to finish their stints.  This is leading to a shortage of crews to man the cargo vessels.


The ACA is a very strong supporter of locally manufactured products.  By purchasing your cable requirements from manufacturers with local manufacturing facilities you are minimising your risk of supply chain disruptions as explained above.