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ACI - Approved Cable Initiative

The Approved Cables Initiative was established to address the use of unsafe, non-compliant and counterfeit cable in the Australian marketplace.

With industry and regulator support, the ACI is taking a proactive and hard hitting approach to monitor and educate the Australian electrical industry supply chain – from manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and contractors to end users.

The main focus of the ACI is to ensure that electrical cables available in the Australian Market are fully compliant to the relevant Australian standards.

Any cable failing to comply with Australian Standards will be reported to the relevant State or Federal Authorities who have the power to act against these products in the interest of community safety.

ACI Logo

In-order to help the Australian Electrical Industry supply chain to have confidence in the electrical cables that they are using, the ACA has introduced the ACI logo as shown below.

Presence of this logo on electric cables gives the purchaser the following assurances:-


  • The electrical cable is fully compliant to the relevant Australian Standards
  • The electrical cable has passed all the relevant electrical & mechanical testing 
  • The cable has been manufactured in Australia
  • The manufacturing facility complies with all Worker Health and Safety legislation.



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