With Reference to ACCC Product Safety Recall Notice dated 27th August 2014
RE: Infinity and Olsent Brand TPS and Orange Circular Electrical Cables

While the ACA acknowledges and supports the proactive approach taken by the ACCC in an attempt to remedy this serious safety issue caused by the importation into Australia of sub-standard and dangerous cable manufactured in China, the ACA contends that the Recall does not fully achieve its objectives.

The ACA is of the view that the wording of the Recall is complicated, confusing and too restrictive.

The Recall places the onus of action to rectify the dangerous condition of this cable upon the consumer or more simply the home owner. Typically, home owners would not be aware of which type or brand of cable they have installed in their house. Cable is hidden away in wall cavities and roof spaces making it ‘out of sight, out of mind’; this in no way diminishes the risk of having this dangerous product installed in a house, dwelling or any other type of building.

The meaning of the Recall wording is such that, in reality, there is practically no situation where the dangerous and defective Infinity or Olsent cable could remain in service.

The Recall notice should be clear and direct that ALL Infinity and Olsent Cable must be removed forthwith.

The initiator for the removal of all cable subject to this Recall must be the installer, as opposed to the consumer, since he is, in reality, the only person who will have sufficient knowledge regarding the location of the dangerous and defective cables.

About the ACA and the Approved Cables Initiative

The ACA established the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) to address the existence of dangerous, non-compliant and counterfeit cable in the Australian marketplace.

It was the ACI who first alerted the Authorities to the dangerous Infinity and Olsent cable.

The ACI runs an extensive testing program of both Australian and foreign manufactured cables being sold in Australia.

The ACI’s mandate is clear: Any and all cable failing to comply with the Australian Standards will be reported to the relevant State and Federal Authorities who have the power to instigate a recall of such products in the interest of community safety.

For further information please contact:

David Klarich
ACA Secretary
(02) 9600 0277