Australian Cablemakers Association

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Mission and Statement of Purpose


The ACA has been established to support and grow the Australian cable manufacturing industry and to promote safety in the community.

Statement of Purpose

The ACA has been formed to represent the interests of Australia’s cable manufacturers.

The ACA will represent Australian cable manufacturers in interactions with Governments, Government Authorities, supplier and customer associations and other industry bodies such as AIG, NECA and Master Electricians Australia.

The ACA will also lobby Governments, Government Authorities and Australian businesses to support and install Australian manufactured cable.

In the safety arena the ACA will launch the Approved Cables Initiative (“ACI”) to promote safety standards by arranging independent performance testing of Australian and foreign manufactured cables, enforcing and upholding Australian cable specifications and standards, and, where appropriate, up-specing to meet community expectations in areas such as energy efficiency and electrical and fire safety. 

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